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Re: typing


> Folks, the external entity idea
> based on a common URL identifier
> doesn't work worth beans.  Why not?
> MS does know and it has been tested
> to death.  Why was it not fixed?
> Maybe URL/URI management of a common
> resources is not such a good idea.

Is this a troll?

Suppose I simply want to put the DTDs at an intranet site served by a local
HTTP server what would be the problem with this? Are you really suggesting a
DTD needs to travel with every document instance? Or for that matter every

Are you defending a clearcut bug on the basis that _you_ don't like the way
XML 1.0 defines a system identifier, or the W3C's XHTML Basic

IMHO documents with DOCTYPES referencing DTDs written either by the W3C or
according to W3C specs ought not outwrite hang IE5. To suggest otherwise is
tatamount to suggesting standards only ought be followed when you personally
agree with them.

Jonathan Borden
The Open Healthcare Group