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A simple guy with a simple problem

Hello, my name is Bob and I'm a programmer.

I work for a B2B company. My task today is to process
incoming XML documents that are known to be valid against the foo
DTD and change all occurences of the word "STUFF" to "stuff".

I need to leave the documents otherwise unchanged in all material
respects as they are going on to a third company in a B2B chain.

Here is the DTD:
         <!ELEMENT foo (lit)*>
         <!ELEMENT lit (#PCDATA)>
         <!ATTLIST lit text CDATA "STUFF">

Here is a sample document:

         <?foo bar?>
         <!DOCTYPE foo SYSTEM "foo.dtd" [
         <!ENTITY bar "this is some STUFF">

         <lit text="hello">
         <![CDATA[This is literal

How should I proceed to do my job?

Alter-ego for:

Sean McGrath CTO
Enabling Universal Mobility