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Re: Relative Namespaces

Jeff Rafter wrote -

> In the namespace spec [1] I read:
> "A default namespace is considered to apply to the element where it is
> declared (if that element has no namespace prefix), and to all elements with
> no prefix within the content of that element. If the URI reference in a
> default namespace declaration is empty, then unprefixed elements in the
> scope of the declaration are not considered to be in any namespace."
> ...and lower...
> "The default namespace can be set to the empty string. This has the same
> effect, within the scope of the declaration, of there being no default
> namespace."
 I remember that someone, very recently, posted here that "setting the
namespace to the empty string" was intended to mean that this was a way to
signal that you want to remove a namespace that might otherwise apply (change
it to a null, that is).  It wasn't supposed to mean that a null namespace is
actually the same as an empty string namespace.  Sorry, I  don't remember who
posted it.

If this is a correct interpretation, it would remove some of the apparent
contradictoins you pointed out.


Tom P