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Re: Relative Namespaces

Richard Tobin writes -

> > I remember that someone, very recently, posted here that "setting the
> > namespace to the empty string" was intended to mean that this was a way to
> > signal that you want to remove a namespace that might otherwise apply
> > it to a null, that is).  It wasn't supposed to mean that a null namespace
> > actually the same as an empty string namespace.
> That's right, but it only applies to unprefixed names.
> According to the namespaces spec, the namespace name in a namespace
> declaration may not be empty in the xmlns:prefix case, but only in the
> xmlns case.  This corresponds to it being possible for an unprefixed
> name to be in no namespace, but not for a prefixed name.

Oh! Makes sense to me.  If you have a prefix, it's supposed to represent a
uri, and a uri needs a scheme with a colon, so it can't be empty.

So my post from a few minutes ago on removing an element from its parent
element's namespace was wrong.  Is there a way to to that, so that a child of
a prefixed element can be designated to be in no namespace (and have no


Tom P