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Re: What can be changed, and what cannot? (was: Re: Request for a poll)

From: Michael Champion <mike.champion@softwareag-usa.com>

>What can be changed,

The use of PSVI in new recommendations. X* 1.1 and X* 2.0.

> what cannot, and

XML Schemas 1.0, because it has finished Last Call and all the reviews.

>what does this have to do with "SML" and Schemas?

Because a poll on "what do people actually use" (though intrinsically
interesting and an excellent suggestion) may cause us to start on the same
futile merry-go-round again.  (From my point of view, there was a 6 month or
so period at the beginning of last year when XML Schemas could have
benefited from a lot of constructive participation from XML-DEV people who
valued simplicity; instead, there was almost deathly silence on the subject
of simplicity/layering/modularization/etc to the Schema Working Group
comments list (or directly to them) while lots of the most articulate
independent thinkers knotted their brows on the collosssal burden that
comments (the markup) added to implementors. God give us the strength to
change things we can, and the patience to endure the things we cannot, and
the wisdom to know the difference.
Perhaps it would be clearer to say that I fear a distraction causing a lack
of participation in guiding the W3C specs in directions we may share, rather
than having much interest in suppressing minimalist's (archeological) desire
for reform per se.)

Rick Jelliffe