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Re: What can be changed, and what cannot? (was: Re: Request for a poll)

At 12:56 AM 3/16/01 +0800, Rick Jelliffe wrote:
>Perhaps it would be clearer to say that I fear a distraction causing a lack
>of participation in guiding the W3C specs in directions we may share, rather
>than having much interest in suppressing minimalist's (archeological) desire
>for reform per se.)

Maybe I'm simply wacked, but I can't say I encourage "participation in 
guiding the W3C specs in directions we may share" at this point, having 
found it to be a thankless and rather futile pursuit.

I strongly suggest that developers who find W3C specs distasteful develop 
competing approaches.  XArc had a (in my view) beneficial impact on XLink, 
and I hope RELAX, TREX, and Schematron have a similarly beneficial impact 
on XML Schemas.  Smaller groups (even individuals) may be able to outpace 
and outperform the W3C's growing committees as well.

The W3C does _some_ interesting work.  I don't, however, think the 
institution's later specs should be allowed to rest on the laurels created 
by a few earlier specs.  The value of XML 1.0 seems pretty clear (and I'd 
suggest is worthy of strict adherence).  The rest seems pretty clouded, 
with occasional moments of sunshine.

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