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Sample XML encoding of XPath

While I haven't followed Wayne's DTD (because it doesn't map terribly well
to a (my?) generated parse tree), I have added a to_xml method to
XML::XPath (perl module for doing XPath). It's really just so people can
look at what an XMLization of XPath might look like, although I guess it
would be kinda neat to feed the XML back into XML::XPath and do XPath
queries on it... :-)

It's in version 1.07, which is on the CPAN or in

The sample test XPath (which doesn't really mean or do anything, but
contains an instance of every object type in XML::XPath), is:

/foo[position() < 1]/bar[$variable = 3]

Which generates (indenting is left as an exercise :-):

<Function name="position" />


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