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Re: XML Encoding of XPath: Examples

Rick Jelliffe wrote:
> And it is the higher-level abstractions which the schema uses to model
> things that give much of the value of language.  Schematron has no notion of
> type. XML Schemas has no equivalent to Schematron's pattern. 

Sure, but I find that a common syntax does help looking at the
similarities and differences of the existing rule based and pattern
based languages.

I agree that the correspondence is probably one way (a pattern may be
written as a rule but a rule cannot always be written as a pattern).

On the other hand, rule that can be expressed as patterns use to be
simpler to write and understand as patterns than as rules.

I strongly believe, then, that a pattern based language allowing to
define additional local rules would be a good compromise.

And that a common syntax does help top get the picture...

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