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RE: Gag me with a blunt …

> Well, zenkaku(ideographic) space is kind of the same. I have
> fought with it in the past and lost face, if nothing else ;-)

Without any change to XML parsers, that leaves zenkaku and OS390 users with
option as far as I can see:
      To cleanup zenkaku spaces and OS390 [NEL]s before handing XML
       to parsers
I can't speak for zenkaku spaces - but OS390 users require [NEL]s in the
if they want to process the documents with OS390 tools and software. Thus,
the [NEL]
cleanup would most likely be temporary and the documents would be
much of the time. Of course there is also the risk that the [NEL]s will
slip out into
non-OS390 environments.

Susan Malaika