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ANN: eXist 0.3 released

Since there have been many discussions here concerning XML and
relational databases, I would like to announce, that I've released
version 0.3 of eXist, available at http://exist.sourceforge.net.

eXist is a repository and retrieval engine for XML documents build on
top of an relational database system
(currently MySQL or Oracle). It provides structured retrieval of
arbitrary xml documents with support for fulltext search, based on
traditional rdbms.

I wrote this software just for fun. Other developers are invited to

Changes since the last announcement on this list (V. 0.2):

* Support for Oracle as storage-backend. Code is now nearly

* Speed improvements (especially when retrieving document-content for

* Redesigned XPath parser, with major parts of the spec implemented
(numerical operators and namespaces are missing).

* Loading of documents into the db is a lot faster now (data is first
written to temporary files and batch-loaded later).

* One may specify which element's content should be fulltext indexed.

* The http-backend is thread-safe and uses connection-pooling.