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Re: generating an DOM object from a non-XML source in Java


did you already tried Oracle's xml libraries (you can get them at

your code may look like this:

    // Construct the new XML Document.
    XMLDocument xmlDoc = new XMLDocument() ;

    // Create the root Node.
    XMLNode rootNode = (XMLNode) xmlDoc.createElement("ROOT") ;

    // Create a new node.
    XMLNode node = (XMLNode) xmlDoc.createElement("TAG") ;
    // Add text to the new node.
    node.appendChild(new XMLText("Value")) ;

   // Append a child to the root tag.
   rootNode.appendChild(node) ;

   /* Repeat the above statements as much as needed (you could make
      this recursive in order to create child and/or parent tags.

   // Append the complete root node (tree) to the new XMLDocument.
   xmlDoc.appendChild(rootNode) ;


Jurgen - Oracle Belgium.

"Newman, Todd" wrote:
> Hi,
> I've got what I hope is a simple question for the pros.  I'm trying to loop
> through some delimited text and generate an XML object to end up with a
> valid XML object and/or string.
> I've been searching the web and my Visual Age online help for the better
> part of two days with not much to show for myself.  It seems to me that this
> should be a common thing to do, but I've not been very successful.
> In fact, I've done this several times before in the VB world.  My steps in
> that universe look like this:
> (1) Create the DOMDocument
> (2) Load the string "<XML></XML>" into the document
> (3) Get a reference to the Document Element
> (4) Create Nodes from the DOMDocument
> (5) Append the nodes to the Document Element or one of its children
> (6) Repeat 4&5 as required
> So I've been trying to do something similar with Java.  I'm using the
> libraries which come with IBM Visual Age for Java, and I also downloaded
> Saxon 6.0.2.
> First, I tried using com.ibm.xml.dom.  With that, I am able to create an
> object of type DocumentImpl like so: (step 1)
>         DocumentImpl di = new DocumentImpl();
> Then, I can get a reference to the document element: (step 3)
>         ElementImpl elRoot = (ElementImpl)di.getDocumentElement();
> And I can create an Element: (part of step 4)
>         NodeImpl node1 = (NodeImpl)di.createElement("T1");
> But I can't set the text of the element using:
>         node1.setNodeValue("Todd")
> ...without getting an exception (part of step 4.)  I also can't append the
> node (step 5.)  And I can't set call setNodeValue on my root element (step
> 2), though I don't know if that's important.
> So then, I moved on to the com.icl.saxon.tree library.  Here I had less
> success.  I could create the DocumentImpl: (step 1)
>         DocumentImpl di = new DocumentImpl(1);
> And I could create a node: (step 4?)
>         ElementImpl node1 = new ElementImpl();
> But that's as far as I've gotten.
> So now I'm stuck and feeling a bit dumb.  You might have already figured out
> I'm not quite a novice, but far from experienced with Java.  Any direction
> would be appreciated!
> thanks,
> Todd
> toddnewman@tdwaterhouse.com
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