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Re: examplotron.

From: Eric van der Vlist <vdv@dyomedea.com>

> I am happy to announce examplotron [1] a schema language
> [1] http://examplotron.org/

Excellent!   You could have a nice Wizard tool for this that would accept an
example instance then ask questions to set the eg:occurs override as
required: allowing very fast creation of a schema with minimum effort.

I wonder if there should be a top-level attribute available so that a
document can say "You can use me as an Examplotron exemplar?"   I think that
would be useful.  And, even though this also may go against the spirit of
minimalism, perhaps an eg:documentation attribute to allow some explaination
of  purpose.

Also, it seems to me that there could be some back-end tie-in with
Schematron: there might be some common API we could nut out in XSLT so that
Schematron and Examplotron schemas can use the same output system: we have
two candidates now, Oliver Becker's architecture used in my Schematron 1.5
and Miloslav Nic's wrappers in zvonSchematron.

Rick Jelliffe