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RE: URI resolver was Re: RDDL and XML Schemas Proposed Recommendation

> The problem isn't that the basic concept is difficult to understand.
> Instead its the fact that the W3C and the IETF have done a lousy
> job of making their constituents aware of the axiomatic standards.

... because it hasn't proven necessary to do so perhaps? Part of the
problem was that URI and URL were basically equivalent for a fairly
long time, and both user models and system models often still
maintain it.

> That's Microsoft's point of view and it creates a web where you
> have to use a browser made by the same vendor as the one used to
> author the page. 


> The web and the Internet are about interoperability
> and the only way that happens is if we all agree on some basic
> assumptions about how things work and stick to them.

I've been around long enough and done enough standards work
to agree that standard set the minimal level of 
interoperability (though often the real standard is set
by the user community's interpretation of more complex