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Re: ANN: examplotron.

Murata Makoto wrote:
> If you see my definition of hedge regular expressions, you will find
> two star operators.  One repeats concatenation of hedges, and you
> already have this.  The other star operator repeats embedding of
> hedges.

Could a simple id/ref mechanism such as:

  <bar eg:id="ibar">
    <bar eg:idref="ibar" eg:occurs="*"/>
where eg:idref="ibar" would read as a reference to <bar eg:id="ibar"> be
considered as an example of the second star operator?

> You only have to introduce this star operator.  Then,
> examplotron will become as expressive as RELAX and TREX, and more
> expressive than XML Schema and DTD.  It is also possible to convert
> examlotron (even with this extension) to RELAX and TREX.

That's interesting (I hadn't seen it under this angle)!


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