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Re: Web Philosophy

At 10:48 AM 3/27/01 -0500, Ann Navarro wrote:
>But Martin, that's not nearly as much fun as being the public curmudgeon ;)

Anyone who thinks 'being the public curmudgeon' is fun hasn't tried 
it.  Maybe masochists would find it fun, but I think the rest of us don't.

>I actually find it quite sad that a few people that would be of value to 
>the process refuse to participate even on an invited expert level because 
>they wouldn't accept the confidentiality constraints of participation. A 
>loss to both sides, I believe.

On the bright side, more W3C activities - notably protocols and the recent 
Semantic Web work - are operating much more in public.  Looks promising, 
though it's early yet.

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