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Re: experts

From: Tim Bray <tbray@textuality.com>

>Check out 3023, which I consider very significant (XML Mime types) and
>was painfully arrived at.  One of the authors is a Venture Capitalist,
>no shit.  One of them is Murata.  One of them is our own Simon
>"Curmudgeon" StL.
>Establish a pattern from *that*, if you can. -Tim

3023 supercedes 2376 by Murata (a researcher) and Whitehead (a researcher

The pattern would be: researchers innovate; if the innovation has legs,
industry (Kohn) and community (St.Laurent) sign on.*

Not to say that industry and community don't also innovate.

Rick Jelliffe

* To the literati may complain this is a mixed metaphor: in "Quills" Mr.
Rush has writing on his pants.