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Re: CDATA sections in W3C XML Infoset

I think it's unlikely that CDATA sections boundaries will be put back
in the Infoset.  We asked for feedback on this issue during Last Call,
and on the basis of that feedback decided to remove them.  Comments
sent to the mailing list will of course be considered, but I would
expect the response to be the same unless new arguments are advanced.

As a practical matter, if you want something that's not in the Infoset
in your specification, the thing to to is just define it yourself.
Something like:

  In addition to the information items defined in [Infoset], this
  specification requires [or will use if present, or ...] the
  following items:

  CDATA Start Marker
   A CDATA Start Marker appears in the [children] property of an element
   just before the character items that result from text embedded in
   a CDATA section.  It has just one property, [parent], which is the
   element item containing this item in its [children] property.

  CDATA End marker
   As for CDATA Start Marker, except that it appears just after the
   character items resulting from the CDATA section.

And then proceed as if it were in the Infoset.

-- Richard