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RE: Syntax Sugar and XML information models

> The "Syntax Sugar InfoSet" (SSIS) that exposes everything worth
> round-tripping in the XML syntax... [even different quote characters and 
> whitespace???]
> The "Core Infoset" that is more or less what the W3C proposes.
> The various flavors of the "Post Schema Validation Infoset"
> (PSVI)including:
> Post-attribute declaration InfoSet (defaulted attributes applied)
> The type-aware infoset (after some type system is applied)
> The REAL post-schema-validation infoset (validity constraints
> applied)

These do all exist... though not necessarily in a single application.
There is a layering here... the first hint of which appeared when
the notion of parsing == validating was removed from XML.

The main question is fidelity: where do you loose information that
is useful to an application? For example, and editor needs to know
about CDATA sections, as should document management systems. Indexing
engines, on the other hand, probably don't need to know about them
(they can deal with the "Core Infoset".

I don't see conflict here, just different strokes for different