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RE: experts

> Bosak: made his pre-XML name building good big techdoc web sites
> Bray: Codes occasionally, talks incessantly
> Clark: Well, yes
> Connolly: Technical guy compromised by process expertise
> DeRose: Heavily published in every CompSci journal worth mentioning, and 
>         one of very few human beings to have made money with SGML
> Hollander: Publishing heavy, did hp.com in his spare time
> Kimber: Implemented much of HyTime in VB
> Maler: Arguably world's leading DTD expert
> Murata: Understands hedge automata and modal verbs
> Paoli: Editing-centric SGML hack 
> Sperberg-McQueen: Theory-heavy, publishing-centric
> Sharpe: Wrote Author/Editor and *MetaL descendents

Right. Most of the other early participants had similar 
"from the trench" qualifications too.