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Re: CDATA sections in W3C XML Infoset

> The W3C XML Infoset
> is a lowest common denominator; for XML Script to be "Infoset
> compliant" it shouldn't throw anything in the W3C infoset out,
> but it's free to add any new items that are appropriate.

Though this is good advice, it's not actually required for Infoset
conformance.  A spec is free to throw away anything it likes from the
standard Infoset; the key point is that it should document it:

 - say what you use from the basic Infoset
 - say what you do with those things you don't use (eg pass them
   through, throw them away)
 - say what, if anything, you need that isn't in the basic Infoset

You could, for example, throw away comments provided you say so.

-- Richard