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Problem building Microsoft's SAX2Jumpstart

This forum may not be the most appropriate place to post, but again I
get no takers on the Microsoft XML forum and I have got to believe
someone here worked with this Microsoft sample code at some point in
their XML careers:


Got the XML SDK, got the SAX2Jumpstart sample code, got not much

I tried to rebuild the executable and the MS Visual C++ V5 compiler
gives me this error message:

  F:\sax2jumpstart\Debug\msxml3.tlh(568) : error 2504:
          'IXMLDOMCharacterData' : base class undefined

As near as I can tell the .tlh file is generated by these two lines in

  #import <msxml3.dll> raw_interfaces_only 
  using namespace MSXML2;

My setup is:

   Win NT 4 with either SP5 or SP6.  
   Internet Explorer 5.0
   MSXML Parser 3.0
   MSXML SDK 3.0
   Visual C++ 5.0

My suspicion is the Visual C++ 5.0, but before I upgrade to 6.0 for no
good reason (the devil you know is always preferable to the one you
don't:), I'd like some confirmation that's where my problem lies.

Steve Rosenberry
Sr. Partner

Electronic Solutions Company -- For the Home of Integration

http://BetterGoBids.com -- The Premier GoTo Bid Management Tool

(610) 670-1710