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Managing e-zines with JavaMail and XSLT, Part 1

Managing e-zines with JavaMail and XSLT, Part 1

In part one of two-part series, Benoît Marchal demonstrates how to automate
e-mail publishing chores with Java and XML. This concrete application of
XML and XSLT describes an e-mail newsletter (e-zine) publishing application
that outputs both HTML and plain text e-mail messages. Six reusable code
samples include a sample newsletter marked up in DocBook, an XSL style
sheet to convert the DocBook sample to a custom text output, a Java text
formatter (in the form of a SAX ContentHandler), two SAX filters, and the
Java code that puts it all together in a multistepped transformation. (The
next part of this article covers the JavaMail API.)

Transforming XML into SVG tutorial: Part 2

The first section of this tutorial showed you how to transform XML
documents into HTML. It used a variety of XML source documents (technical
manuals, spreadsheet data, a business letter, etc.) and converted them into
HTML. It demonstrated the various things you can do with the XSLT and XPath
standards. Part two of this tutorial uses the World Wide Web Consortium's
emerging Scalable Vector Graphics format (SVG) to convert original
documents into graphics.