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Spinning your XML for screens of all sizes

Spinning your XML for screens of all sizes

This article shows how to use HTML as an intermediate language so that you
can write a single stylesheet to translate from XML to one or more versions
of HTML and use the features of the WebSphere Transcoding Publisher server
to translate the resulting HTML to the target markup language the
requesting device requires.

XML for multiple devices:

Developer Domain home page:

Get a Free Web services CD:
Tip: Moving DOM nodes - causes of a common exception that occurs when you
attempt to move DOM nodes, and how to avoid it when doing DOM programming;
includes code snippets.

Abstracting the interface, Part 2 - extensions to the basic framework for
XML data and XSL style sheets; focuses on the back end, and shows you how
to make the applications ready to go online.

XML Matters #7 - compares schemas and DTDs and clarifies what is going on
in the XML schema world.