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Re: HTTP messages as XML

At 11:57 AM 3/30/01 -0800, cks@distributopia.com wrote:
>  I'm wondering if anyone else has the need to store
>HTTP messages in XML. Not sending XML over HTTP, but
>actually storing and manipulating captured HTTP messages
>in XML. For the sake of argument, ignore the issues with
>the body potentially being binary, I'm talking mainly about
>the first-line's and headers. Something along the lines of

I haven't seen this for HTTP, but I've heard of several efforts with SMTP, 
which might be similar.  I think the IETF was taking a look at an XML 

I think Steven Champeon at hesketh.com had also done some work that direction.

I don't know that this work would be directly useful to you, but it does 
represent a similar problem of MIME-encoded information and textual headers.

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