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Re: CDATA sections in W3C XML Infoset

On Sat, 31 Mar 2001, Charles Reitzel wrote:

> Hi Bob,
> I'm left agreeing w/ John Cowan's earlier remark.  No one is taking
> CDATA sections away.  I ended up using CDATA sections in XML
> documents for identical reasons as yourself and will continue to do
> so.

I hope you're right.  Doesn't appear to be a universally held point of
view, though.  From earlier in this thread [1]:

> I'd take that as meaning that the DOM does not conform to the
> Infoset spec.  Accordingly, the DOM is what needs to be changed, not
> Infoset.

[1] http://lists.xml.org/archives/xml-dev/200103/msg01233.html

Bob Kline