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A plea for interop (Re: Yet another plea for peace (was RE: Announce:A brief history of SOAP))

Don says: " I have made my opinions about BSG known, and have no need nor
desire to stop you from making XML-RPC the success you have always wanted it
to be."

First, the correct acronym is BDG.

Second, it is not XML-RPC, in fact it is not compatible with XML-RPC.

BDG *is* a subset of SOAP 1.1. If it in any way is not, that's a bug.

Please, I beg you, review the spec, and let us know where the bugs are.


Even if you don't agree with it stylistically, help us make sure that it is
correct SOAP. We already have some great minds poring over the doc, and we
believe it conforms with the SOAP 1.1 spec, but we can use some more
eyeballs and minds.

I have a bad feeling this is going to be the foundation of some kind of war,
but we are just a group of developers who want SOAP to be fantastically
successful, and want to participate in its growth. There is no other motive
or agenda to our work.