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Trying to visualize XML standards

In a couple of days I have to give a little talk on XML. I'm thinking about showing a visualization there of the XML-related standards to make their dependencies clearer. I've prepared a UML model (meant as a metaphor only), but I'm not sure if it is quite correct. Does my approach make sense at all? I would not describe myself as really an expert in XML and UML, maybe someone could help me a bit to make this model more consistent? http://mic-ro.com/xml/classdiagram.gif

For example, the threefold relation between XmlDocument and XmlSchema is supposed to mean the following: An XmlSchema is a certain kind of XmlDocument ('specialization'). An XmlDocument is valid if it is an instance of a certain XmlSchema ('instanceOf'). It can reference none or one schema ('association').

Thank you for your help
Michael Rohde

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