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Re: ANN: XSink Note Published

Justin Couch <justin@vlc.com.au> wrote:

> I like this specification and believe it will make life much easier for
> my brother, who happens to be a plumber (and also a carpentar, brickie,
> chef, landscape gardener, interior designer, painter and gas fitter).

I'm glad that you enjoy the spec. Of course now that you have read the spec,
please be assured that our agents will soon be visiting you to ensure that
you are in conformance.

> - I believe you have a typo in the name of the content element. I offer
> the following patch:
> DontCarryTheWorldUponYourSoldiers

Actually, in that element we were poking fun at an organization where
soldiers is probably be more appropriate.

> Also are internet based purchases acceptable as payment for IPR
> licensing if unable to supply own or acquire from closer sources?

Of course. eBay may have some options in this area. However, due to issues
with the UN convention on human rights, shipment must be to our small
independent island nation.

[ Aaron Swartz | me@aaronsw.com | http://www.aaronsw.com ]