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Re: ANN: XSink Note Published

Aaron Swartz wrote:
> We would like to announce publication of a new Note: XML Kitchen Sink
> (XSink).
> http://blogspace.com/xkitchensink/

I like this specification and believe it will make life much easier for
my brother, who happens to be a plumber (and also a carpentar, brickie,
chef, landscape gardener, interior designer, painter and gas fitter).

I wish to offer the following comments for consideration in the errata

- I believe you have a typo in the name of the content element. I offer
the following patch:

--- 117,117 ---

Also are internet based purchases acceptable as payment for IPR
licensing if unable to supply own or acquire from closer sources?

Justin Couch                         http://www.vlc.com.au/~justin/
Freelance Java Consultant                  http://www.yumetech.com/
Author, Java 3D FAQ Maintainer                  http://www.j3d.org/
"Humanism is dead. Animals think, feel; so do machines now.
Neither man nor woman is the measure of all things. Every organism
processes data according to its domain, its environment; you, with
all your brains, would be useless in a mouse's universe..."
                                              - Greg Bear, Slant