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ANN: XSink Note Published

We would like to announce publication of a new Note: XML Kitchen Sink



XML Kitchen Sink specifies the XML Kitchen Sink language which provides
facilities the repair of kitchen sinks using XML 1.0 documents with the
additional XML Namespace facility, thus providing an powerful luxury to
expert plumbers by allowing them to remain in their own homes, saving a good
deal of work. As this is an XML User specification, benefits for the
homeowner are out of scope for this specification. This specification
depends on XML Kitchen Sink Part 2: Plumbing.

XML Kitchen Sink was developed in secret by the Internation Association of
Sink Manufacturers and is an Open Specification. Membership to the
Internation Association of Sink Manufacturers is required to join the XML
Kitchen Sink Working Group and costs approximately US$9,127,439 per hour.

[ Aaron Swartz | me@aaronsw.com | http://www.aaronsw.com ]