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HTTP property set,XSet,PRL?

cks@distributopia.com wrote:
> I'm wondering if anyone else has the need to store and
> manipulate HTTP messages in XML.

 Thanks to everyone that responded. After doing some more
reading (and a lot of archive searching) it looks like
what I'd really like is a very low level HTTP property
set, with a couple of different grove plans depending on
what exactly needs to be manipulated. The idea would be
that the complete (full fidelity?) grove would have enough
information to round-trip the HTTP back to exactly the
sequence of bytes that was originally parsed.

(Apologies if I'm misusing the terminology, I suspect I'm
mixing my SGML and XML metaphors. I'm still getting up to
speed with groves and property sets and info sets, and ...)

 Reading over the mailing list archives has led me to think
that the best approach might be to express the rfc2616 EBNF
in RDF/PRL ala XSet. The HTTP EBNF doesn't look to be as
precise as XML's (not all whitespace is explicitly
included, for example), so some interpretation would be
needed, but the basic idea would be similiar to XSet.

 Have I finally gone into terminal spec-overload? Does the
above make any sense at all? Any feedback is greatly

Christopher St. John cks@distributopia.com
DistribuTopia http://www.distributopia.com