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Re: HTTP property set,XSet,PRL?

> cks@distributopia.com wrote:
> >
> > I'm wondering if anyone else has the need to store and
> > manipulate HTTP messages in XML.
> >
>  Thanks to everyone that responded. After doing some more
> reading (and a lot of archive searching) it looks like
> what I'd really like is a very low level HTTP property
> set, with a couple of different grove plans depending on
> what exactly needs to be manipulated. The idea would be
> that the complete (full fidelity?) grove would have enough
> information to round-trip the HTTP back to exactly the
> sequence of bytes that was originally parsed.

XMTP is the original MIME <-> XML mapping that I created (see
http://www.openhealth.org/xmtp) ... as you see its almost ready to go as an
RFC ... but in the meantime I got sidetracked into XSet which is a more
general solution to this problem of XML groves for non-XML syntaxes.

>  Reading over the mailing list archives has led me to think
> that the best approach might be to express the rfc2616 EBNF
> in RDF/PRL ala XSet. The HTTP EBNF doesn't look to be as
> precise as XML's (not all whitespace is explicitly
> included, for example), so some interpretation would be
> needed, but the basic idea would be similiar to XSet.

I have started work on an EBNF property set for MIME
(HTTP is really just MIME + a few characters and sockets :-)

If you look closely through this you will notice that the MIME BNF is err
... missing a few little details which need to be worked out. It's been on
my list of things to do, but since I've been working on other projects I
haven't had the time to finish it. If you are inclined to fill these in I
would be more than pleased to update this document.