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Re: Images embedded in XML

Tim Bray wrote:
> Er.. base64 will *always* increase the size of your binary, 
> by exactly one third.  Which is not too bad, actually -Tim

Also not too bad, since while the binary may be larger, the section of the
XML containing this data will be highly compressible. Every value is
essentially within a 6-bit range, and every 8th bit is zero. A simple
compression scheme based on this info alone would offset most of the
expansion. The content transfer encoding/compression that may be employed
in, say, an HTTP transmission should do much better than this.

   - Mike
mike j. brown, software engineer at  |  xml/xslt: http://skew.org/xml/
webb.net in denver, colorado, USA    |  personal: http://hyperreal.org/~mike/