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[ANN] alphaXML Haiku Competition Result

We loved all the Haiku you sent and had great difficulty picking a winner.
So we chose two. We found we had three categories of entry - the humorous:

Minimal specs cries
The Textuality man!
He just hates typing
(Ben Trafford)

the literal:

left angle bracket
namespace colon tagname slash
right angle bracket
(John F Whitehead)

and those that were more about the purpose of XML:

text parser absorbs
spaces brackets and tokens:
meaning springs to life
(Philippe Lourier)

We couldn't choose between two in the last category. So congratulations to
Paul Ford and Lindsay Patton, who each win a copy of Turbo XML kindly
donated by Tibco Extensibility (http://www.extensibility.com). With
facilities for creating, validating, converting, and managing XML schemas,
XML files and DTDs, Turbo XML provides a best-of-class XML implementation
platform. The Turbo XML suite is comprised of XML Authority®, XML Instance™
and XML Console™.

If Paul can describe a vision of life beyond the semantic web in 17
syllables, why can't we define XML Schema in less than a page (no - that's
not the next challenge!). Paul's entry was:

Could all knowledge be
a hierarchy, comprised
of connected nodes?

Lindsay's was more about why we use XML now:

Alphabet soup eh
XML is here to slay
Babel fish today

Several Haiku are shown in our XML Haiku Hall of Fame
(http://www.alphaxml.com/display.asp?page=hallfame). Whilst it is too late
to enter the competition, please feel free to send me more entries for the
Hall of Fame.

Paul Spencer
CTO, alphaXML Ltd
alphaXML is recruiting XML Consultants
+44 (0)1491 630053