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Re: XML Schema 1.1

From: Simon St.Laurent <simonstl@simonstl.com>

>Are there any official public documents regarding what 1.1 would look like,
>and any constraints that would apply to 1.1 regarding backward


>Similarly, is there any timeframe for 1.1?


>I'm glad that people are thinking ahead, but I'd really like to know what
>the playing field for 1.1 will look like before assessing claims about W3C
>XML Schema which rely on a later fix-up phase.

Certainly don't assess 1.0 based on vaporspecs.

My guess is
 - all XML Schemas 1.0 schemas must work with XML Schemas 1.1
 - XML Schemas 1.1 would address some of the issues that have been put into
the too-hard basket: dates/times, numbers, internationalization, better
key/uniqueness, subsetting/modularization; and also of course ambiguities in
the text of the specs.
 - XML Schemas 1.1 might reflect some more feedback from the MSL
formalization, XML forms, and XML queries
 - in any case, the more clearly that improvements to 1.0 are identified,
the better 1.1 will be.

I think