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RE: Linkbases, Topic Maps, and RDF Knowledge Bases -- help me

HI Ouche,

Ouche said:
Your "But" makes me thing you're drawing a comparison, but I don't know
what or whom to.  If you refer to me: I've pointed out that
I've also spent a while exploring  XTM and trying to find what "summum
bonum" I can from RDF, XTM and other non XML-ish things such as
conceptual graphs.  In the time I was able, my determination was that RDF
covered my needs best.

So I probably haven't spent as much time as Eric looking to find a better
truth, but I hope you understand that I haven't just been stubbornly
sticking to one technology.  I'm not sure I'm capable of such a thing.

Didier replies:
Far way from me that thought! I meant with the "but", not a comparison, only
an emphasis, something that stands in front of. Sorry, if this was

Didier PH Martin