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Re: Images embedded in XML

On Mon, 9 Apr 2001, Peter Jacobi wrote:

> In addition to the points already mentioned, there seems to be a binary
> representation of XML done in the MPEG-7 work. 
> In the fortunate case anybody involved in this is on XML-DEV, perhaps we
> can get a more informed comment on this?

That would be good. There are already some domain-specific binary
encodings, such as that used by WML, which do not have general
applicability; it would be nice if we could standardise on one before
there's a Babel explosion. The WML one, for example, uses single bytes to
represent element names I hear, meaning no document can contain more than
256 different element names... not such an issue with WML, but it means it
can't be used as a general binary-XML encoding... I'd be interested to
know if the MPEG-7 one has anything in common.

> Regards,
> Peter Jacobi