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Re: Images embedded in XML

Dear All,

> In addition to the points already mentioned, there seems to be a 
> binary representation of XML done in the MPEG-7 work.
> In the fortunate case anybody involved in this is on XML-DEV, 
> perhaps we can get a more informed comment on this?

Indeed, the MPEG consortium is working on such binary encoding of
XML documents for the future MPEG-7 standard. The binary encoding 
uses XML Schema definitions to generate an highly compressed encoding 
schemes. Structure is coded when it is needed (optional elements) and 
data are coded in "natural format" i.e. integers are carried as 2's 
complement integers, float as IEEE 754, etc... BiM parsers can provide
an enhanced SAX API.

Moreover the format (called BiM) allows skipping of undesired 
elements and dynamic updating of XML tree. In two words, MPEG-7 BiM 
allows compression and streaming of XML files. 

Do not hesitate to contact me for further information, I'm currently 
preparing web pages on that subject. 

Best regards,


Claude Seyrat

Expway c/o Acland
18 avenue Georges V
75008 Paris
tel: 33 1 56 62 11 05
fax: 33 1 56 62 11 11
mail: claude.seyrat@expway.fr