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Re: Images embedded in XML

On Mon, 9 Apr 2001, Claude Seyrat wrote:

> Indeed, the MPEG consortium is working on such binary encoding of
> XML description for the future MPEG-7 standard. The binary encoding 
> uses XML Schema definitions to generate an highly compressed encoding 
> schemes. Structure is coded when it is needed (optional elements) and 
> data are coded in "natural format" i.e. integers are carried as 2's 
> complement integers, float as IEEE 754, etc... BiM parsers can provide
> an enhanced SAX API.

That sounds nice and compact, but a little complex to become easily
mainstream... Ok, vote, people.

1) Do I help the XML community by pressing developers of SAX/DOM libraries
to implement BiM transparently?


2) Do I press on with the simpler format I'm considering that is designed
to superset XML rather than identically replace it?

> Claude.


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