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Re: "Binary XML" proposals


> Of course loading binary files is faster than parsing huge text files, 
> anyone who's been in this field for any time will tell you that, 
> without needing empirical evidence. 

  About empirical evidence. 

  A long time ago I wrote a parser of PYX format (www.pyxie.org). 
PYX format is a simple line-oriented presentation of XML.
Every XML element/attribute/PI/data is represented by one line,
first character of line -- code of type of content.

  Obviously, parsing of this specific format is more efficient and
faster than parsing of standard XML.

  In order to demonstrate it, I compared that module with 'XML::Parser'.
I took ~1000 XML files in sum ~40 Mb. Result is: general-purpose XML parser
is faster than pyx parser. By the way, XML::Parser was also converting 
content of file to utf8.

  Obviously this is result of my bad /dev/hands, but...