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Re: More binary XML

Ive used 1,2,4 lengths, it is neccessary otherwise the size may skyrocket.


Al Snell wrote:

> On Tue, 10 Apr 2001, Stefan Zier wrote:
> > A generic binary format would take away the pain of creating specialized
> > binary representations for different applications - WBXML is actually almost
> > generic. I think the critical question here is: Can we come up with a
> > one-size-fits-all solution that fits most relevant applications well enough
> > to be useful?
> That's the spirit :-)
> I'm aiming for something quite simple to describe, since I feel that will
> appeal to the kinds of markets XML appears in.
> Dilemma:
> Do I use 32 bit lengths for everything, meaning that no CDATA or element
> name or attribute name or namespace URI or PI body or target can be more
> than 4Gb in length? (Don't laugh, it may be an issue). Or do I encode the
> length scale in the top two bits of each byte-long tag, so we can use 8
> bit lengths for most stuff, 16 bit lengths for large spans of unbroken
> CDATA text, and 32 bit lengths for embedded images and pathological
> cases? This would be a slight increase in complexity, but it'd be more
> compact in the common case of strings being quite short.
> ...those are the kinds of issues I'm mainly worried about.
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