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Re: "Binary XML" proposals

David Brownell wrote:

> Basically, every binary RPC protocol I've ever seen has been
> converted, sooner or later, into a conduit for proprietary
> platforms.  Fragmenting a previously-unified (XML=text)
> world by creating a binary variant seems a fine start, for any
> organizations wanting to head that direction.  Large vendors
> can afford the duplicate investments, when they can forsee
> it opens the door to more vendor lock-in.  The rest of the world
> may well prefer to do smarter things with their time/money
> than helping raise more barriers to market entry.

Im not sure I agree here, its possible to create a BinML which mimics
XML semantics,
with or without strong correlation to XML Information Items. If both a
are correlated then drifting could be prohibited.

This also means that parser could be written with SAX interfaces and
XML interoperability
on the DOM and SAX levels, but not on the XML text level, is achieved.

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