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Re: "Binary XML" proposals

On Wed, 11 Apr 2001, Christopher R. Maden wrote:

[namespace prefixes irrelevant]
> Maybe; it depends on what exactly you're discarding.  Some XML 
> applications, such as XSLT and XML schemas, assert that some strings may 
> contain QNames, and that those QNames are interpreted relative to the 
> current namespace declarations in scope.  So you can discard which prefix 
> foo:hello and bar:hello used, but you need to hang on to the fact that the 
> mapping of both to "asdf" is in scope.

In general, it seems that the namespace prefixes can't be dropped... this
will slightly complicate the format, but hey :-)

SYMBOL("xmlns")        -- id 1
SYMBOL("xsl")          -- id 2
ATTRIBUTE(0,1)         -- xmlns="uri-to-HTML"
ATTRIBUTE(1,2)         -- xmlns:xsl="uri-to-XSL"

> -Chris


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