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Re: "Binary XML" proposals

At 11:41 10-04-2001, Al Snell wrote:
>Correct me if I'm wrong - there is absolutely no semantic significance in
>the choice of namespace prefix, right?
><foo:hello xmlns:foo="asdf" />
>...identical to...
><bar:hello xmlns:bar="asdf" />


>...my encoding will discard the prefixes foo and bar; will this in any way
>ever matter, even slightly?

Maybe; it depends on what exactly you're discarding.  Some XML 
applications, such as XSLT and XML schemas, assert that some strings may 
contain QNames, and that those QNames are interpreted relative to the 
current namespace declarations in scope.  So you can discard which prefix 
foo:hello and bar:hello used, but you need to hang on to the fact that the 
mapping of both to "asdf" is in scope.

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