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Re: Request for Comments: XML binary encoding

On Wed, 11 Apr 2001, Paul Cody Johnston wrote:

> Big discussion on Binary XML.  I don;t know how some people on this
> list get work done! 

/me looks guiltily at his timesheets, wondering what to say about the time
spent designing binary XML formats and playing Angband

> I listen but rarely contribute to this list
> because it takes me so long to formulate postings...

That's definitely preferable to posting one liners.

> I've been designing a "next-gen" XML-like language for awhile now,
> though all my implementation time has been soaked up by a parser
> compiler I;ve been writing (different project), so I still haven't
> released a reference implementation of the language (it's called
> "reticular structure language" (RSL): http://www.inxar.org/rsl).

Mmmm, that reminds me of my own project, Argon - it's very back burner
since even if I come up with a full spec I'll never be able to get it
implemented, so it's mainly an intellectual toy, but I've completely
ignored commercial and other such annoying considerations and just decided
how I'd do it if designing computing from scratch.

The one thing it does that's interesting is transparent clustering, a
decision which has very deep effects into the network and data storage

> Paul             


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