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Re: XLink draft support for xml 1.0

<kanagavisu@discoverfinancial.com> asked

> Is XLink is supported in XML 1.0.
Xlink is not "supported" by XML 1.0, since XML 1.0  came first, but XLink is
an application of xml and applies to xm documents.

> My requirement for the applications we develop are
> 1. Having different xml configuration files for each application. We have
> more than one application.
> 2.A Main monitoring application needs to get a section of elements from
> XML configuration file
>    of other applications and use it. So I thought of having a xml config
> file for main application linking
>   to the other xml documents specific to the applications using XLink.
> So I think XLink would be a perfect solution for this.  What you guys
> about it . Is there any other
> solutions to implement this.
You can extract sections of xml documents using xslt.  The document()
function lets you get data from several different documents.


Tom P