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RE: Tim BL Semantic Web article in Scientific American

On Thu, 12 Apr 2001, Bullard, Claude L (Len) wrote:

> No fear.  Just an understanding that 
> nothing that starts simple stays simple 
> and marketing hype often hides a lack of 
> knowledge, an unwillingness to know 
> or even agendas too off-putting to 
> talk about.

Yeah. There's a conversation I can see happening in marketing departments.

TECH: We've made a new RPC protocol, improving on the real time response
SALES: What's an RPC protocol?
TECH: It allows computers to use each other's facilities over the
network. It's kinda like buying stuff by mail order.


SALES: Our company's revolutionary new technology allows your fridge to
buy more food when you run out!

> slightly stumbling walk won't send you 
> on to your bum... but at the end, all 
> I get is an *ugly girl*.

Nicely put :-)

> pervasive public systems.  Nabster and the dot.bomb 
> to name only two have dramatically shown the results of 
> "turning the world upside down" and shaking out the change.

I wouldn't like having to write one of these intelligent agents, either...


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