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RE: "Binary XML" proposals

> > conversely, I found XML-RPC to be about 3x slower than binary RPC.
> A lot of that might be HTTP overhead :-)
> Three-way handshake before you even send the request, the
> connection teardown? *retch*!

Yes. Also packet sizes are important for RPC... so even a
10% saving can result in substantial *practical* benefits.

I can't wait to see the first set of web-services appear...
many people will try to get good performance out of fine-grained
interfaces... and be surprised to find that performance is
terrible. Chit-chat combined with bloated messages are the 
death of distributed systems. 

It depends on the kind of data being sent/received of 
course... but in general, I've found that the lower down
the stack you go, the more sense binary formats make.