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RE: "Binary XML" proposals

On Thu, 12 Apr 2001, Gavin Thomas Nicol wrote:

> Yes. Also packet sizes are important for RPC... so even a
> 10% saving can result in substantial *practical* benefits.

The temporal overhead per packet is often the limiting factor on many
transports, but that's a bit off topic. Reducing packet sizes is criticil
in terms of bandwidth usage rather than per-packet latency, generally...

> I can't wait to see the first set of web-services appear...
> many people will try to get good performance out of fine-grained
> interfaces... and be surprised to find that performance is
> terrible. Chit-chat combined with bloated messages are the 
> death of distributed systems. 

Yes; the hype about Web services amuses me, they've been on the cards
since the first RPC protocols emerged (especially with things like CORBA),
but now organisations are hyping it they've settled on XML as the


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