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RE: "Binary XML" proposals

<- On the other hand, what I'm concentrating on is quite a bit different,
<- although obviously they could be married.  A bsXML library would look
<- like a collection instance that would allow in-place data members,
<- including update, when that kind of use makes sense which saves the
<- serialization/deser steps altogether.  No object creation, no copying,
<- probably faster traversal, and no garbage collection.
<- In one Java web application, a single run through the pages of the site
<- generated over 250,000 objects that had to be created, managed, and
<- garbage collected.  My aim is to reduce that to close to zero.

That sounds neat - though if I understand you correctly, wouldn't you have
to have some very fast indexing/searching? what's your line, some variation
on hashing?